Bailee Bradley

Marketing Coordinator for Pel Hughes Companies

I am the Marketing Coordinator for Pel Hughes Companies, which includes The Cannery. My favorite part of my job is that it is never redundant. Every single day I get to deal with different people with different ideas or problems that I get to help solve.Also, getting to see the brides after their weddings is great!

Getting to meet them before and seeing their excitement is great, but after it’s all come to fruition it’s so nice to see them and see how thankful they are.

I have my BSBA in Marketing from The University of Southern Mississippi. I was first drawn to marketing by my mom who has worked in broadcast television for years (I won’t say how many because she’ll kill me). I come to The Cannery with national media buying experience as well as years in the marketing and advertising world – both as a buyer and a vendor.

Outside of work I love to spend sunny days at the park with my Chihuahua, traveling, doing yoga, and seeing live music.