Kellie Levy

Director of Sales

I am the Director of Sales and Event Manager at The Cannery. Getting to know my clients on a personal level and creating a relationship that is beyond that of just their event is the best part of The Cannery experience. I love that feeling of accomplishment after providing a successful event.

I was born and raised into this crazy business. My father was in the catering industry and his love for seeing his clients happy motivated me to do the same. I’ve been in the business for 20+years. Sharing my knowledge of the business and motivating clients to express their creativity is such a bonus for me. I pride myself on reading people and knowing what questions to ask.

The opportunity of The Cannery was born out of Katrina. As with so many in our community that had to pivot, my extended family came together to create what has become one of the most influential event destinations in NOLA. Recruiting my lifelong friend, Ashley Dubret, to help lead The Cannery has also been a dream come true – the recognition of two 5 year old girl’s daydreams of working together.

  I attended Mount Carmel Academy and Louisiana State University. Outside of The Cannery and Toulouse Gourmet Catering I really just love to spend time with my family and friends enjoying all that this unique city has to offer. Eating, drinking, planning parties, music, going to the beach and just appreciating life is what I love.