The Cannery New Orleans is still open for events. Since the pandemic has begun, we have updated our hygiene policies to ensure the safety of our guests. We know that people are now allowed to have larger gatherings, but the real concern is if guests will feel comfortable attending an event at our venue. We want to ensure you that we are taking all of the cleaning and necessary safety precautions in order for you to feel comfortable to attend an event with us!

Our number one priority is ensuring the safety and comfort of our guests. The Cannery must first abide by rules regarding COVID-19 set by the local government. From there, we will establish any further precautions we will set within our venue to protect the health of our guests. As of July 1 in Orleans Parish masks are required. Our new normal will simply be to mingle like normal at events with a mask on! No big deal right?

What are we doing to keep our guests safe? Let me proudly tell you! Our event catering, provided by Toulouse Gourmet, has always prepared dishes in a thoroughly clean kitchen. Our previous health inspections have passed as exceptionally clean. As of now, we are following every extra safety precaution to protect our guests from COVID-19. We especially make sure that our employees serving catering to our guests are cleaning their hands thoroughly, are wearing gloves and masks, and are often re-sanitizing common areas where food is being served.

We take our event staff’s temperature and make sure they have zero symptoms before working, especially before working an event. Our janitorial staff is cleaning and disinfecting our entire venue around the clock to ensure the safety of our workers and guests. We encourage guests to participate in safety precautions while attending an event with us. For example, applying hand sanitizer upon arrival, keeping his or her mask on for the full duration of the event (except while eating of course), and thoroughly washing his or her hands after using the bathroom or before dining.

We are taking every safety precaution so that you can enjoy an event with us while we protect you from COVID-19. We want you to join us and have fun, enjoy great company and great food. Events are still highly enjoyable. You will barely notice a difference in the new event normal. We will take care of most of the safety precaution while you are here for you!

Are you considering planning or attending an event at The Cannery? Contact us today for more details.

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