Weddings are arguably the most important day in a woman or man’s life. Most imagine their wedding day like a fairytale, while you and your partner are surrounded by loved ones, gorgeous flower arrangements, and a beautiful venue. That being said, fairytales are not cheap and can get quite hectic, putting extra stress on the special couple. What if there was an option to have the perfect wedding with less noise, less guests, and more money in your pocket? The answer is a micro-wedding.

A micro-wedding is the same fairytale wedding, but on a smaller scale. Micro-weddings have recently taken the wedding scene by storm for many great reasons. The greatest feature of micro-weddings is that they are so intimate, by only having 20-50 guests in attendance compared to the typical 150-200 guests at a traditional wedding. By having a micro-wedding, you will be able to spend more quality time with each guest. The couple gets to closely enjoy each other, loved ones, and the venue. Micro-weddings are a great option for not breaking the bank. By inviting less guests, the couple has more freedom in their wedding budget to make choices regarding planning. Instead of blowing half of the budget on feeding 150 mouths at a traditional wedding, with a micro wedding you have the financial freedom to spend more money on things like a singer or the venue. Destination weddings are also considered micro-weddings as well. Less money spent on a large venue or number of guests can now be spent on travel with a small wedding party of 10-20.

Micro-weddings are extremely versatile. There is almost zero stress in planning a micro-wedding, and the options are endless. The overall vibe is relaxed, magical, and intimate. With micro-weddings, less truly is more for the happy couple. Are you considering a micro-wedding? Contact us today for more details!

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