Pivoting Your Wedding Plans During COVID-19

By October 5, 2020 No Comments

You’ve been dreaming of your wedding for years. You’ve been planning your wedding for over a year now. Just as everything is going smoothly, here comes along COVID-19 to throw a wrench in the mix. There is no reason to stress or get upset over your big day! Your wedding is definitely not ruined. All you have to do is do some changing around.

Step 1: Find a New Venue

Get creative in finding a new venue. You can go really large and keep your number of guests the same. This will increase the amount of space between guests allowing them to follow CDC guidelines. Just plan accordingly to place tables far enough away from each other and keep seats farther apart. You also could choose a small venue like your home for example. You could reduce the guest list to the most important people that you would like to attend. This would make a very intimate wedding. CDC guidelines can easily be followed. Use technology to your advantage. Allow the guests who are at risk or can not attend to watch the wedding live on Zoom or FaceTime.

Step 2: Incorporate safety into your wedding

Make or order masks for all of your guests that match your wedding colors/theming. This is a fun way to encourage everyone in attendance to be safe while at the wedding. This also allows for everyone’s mask to look blended into the scene when looking back at photos. Have hand sanitizers all over on tables, and standing in common areas.

Step 3: Send out change the date cards

Send out change the date cards to ensure that your guests are aware of the new date of your wedding. This also gives you the chance to list any changes to attire, or safety requirements to attend (such as a mask).

Just because your wedding is during a pandemic, does not mean that it can not be a beautiful and enjoyable wedding. Although you may be upset at the idea of changing your wedding plans at first, remember to stay positive through the process. Change is not bad! Think about the extra time you will have to plan!

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