Listen up y’all. The newest trend in weddings…drumroll please…is brunch weddings! A brunch wedding sounds like a dream. Weddings don’t have to be on a Saturday night at 6:00 PM followed by a late reception. Who knew it was possible to have a wedding at 10:00 Sunday morning followed by brunch?

Let’s talk about how a brunch wedding may be a better option for you. The word “wedding” may sound stressful to the wedding party. It may even sound stressful to the guests. You have to be at the venue at the right time. You have to make sure you drive to the venue early enough to find a parking spot. You may have to go shopping beforehand and get a new outfit to wear to the wedding. You have to make sure you purchase a gift off of the wedding registry, get it in on time, and remember to bring it with you the day off and not forget it on the kitchen table. When we think of the word “brunch,” we immediately think of relaxing, lounging, and enjoying friends’ company. The highlight of brunch is eating a fancy meal consisting of the best foods from breakfast and lunch accompanied by champagne and orange juice. Why not combine the two into a great event? By having a brunch wedding, the stress level immediately goes from high to relaxing.

The pricing on a venue for a Saturday or Sunday morning wedding is much, much cheaper. Venues get super busy on Friday and Saturday nights. Sometimes they even double book. Venues will be super pleased to have you book a wedding during a time when people typically would not. They often lower the price for less popular times. They will be able to dedicate the entire venue’s attention to you rather than splitting it between two weddings or hurrying you up at the end so they can get the next party in. By having an early in the day wedding, you will have so much time to take photos, being that it is daylight and the venue won’t be crowded. Your guests can enjoy their morning/day and not have to stay out til 1,2 or 3 in the morning as the reception wraps up (or, y’all can take it to the French Quarter – that’s your prerogative! 😉 ) .

One element that you should take advantage of with a brunch wedding is sunlight. Plan your ceremony around the sunlight. Set up outside! If it is too hot outside or you are wanting to have your ceremony inside, set up the ceremony in a room with huge windows. Let the sunlight shine in and create natural lighting. This will also allow better photos!

The possibilities for catering a brunch wedding are endless. Mostly all people enjoy typical brunch foods. It will be particularly easy to please the majority of your guests (this is a huge accomplishment). You can go the simple, yet delicious and safe brunch route, or you can go super fancy and have a French pastry bar and a live chef cooking custom omelettes right in front of your guests. Belgium waffle bar with fresh fruits, whipped cream, and syrups? A barista whipping up fresh lattes with steamed milk and fresh whipped cream? Yes, and yes. Another plus is that brunch foods are kid friendly. Most children enjoy fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and juice. As for alcohol, it will be easy to fit drinks into the brunch theme. Mimosas are a classic brunch drink. You can throw in some New Orleans by adding a bloody mary bar with options like adding bacon, olives, cheese, shrimp, celery, and different hot sauces. If budget is a concern it is very doable to create an affordable brunch. As you can see, there are so many options!

Your wedding will be one to remember! Have fun and play around with different options when planning. Consider combining different elements of brunch weddings to make yours exactly how you want it. We hope you enjoyed this blog and that you are inspired to plan a brunch wedding. If you are local to New Orleans or are interested in having your wedding in New Orleans, contact the Cannery. We have a gorgeous venue and would love to talk to you today about your dream wedding.

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