The best way to customize your wedding is to do it yourself! DIY projects are great because they allow you to create exactly what you want for your wedding if there’s something you would like to make that is not on the market. Also, DIY’s are just as beautiful while saving you some being a cheaper alternative. The Cannery has gathered a list of do it yourself wedding projects. These projects can be super fun to make with your bridesmaids or with your family.

DIY Concrete Planter
The first project we are going to teach you how to make is a DIY concrete planter! Succulents are very cheap compared to ordering hundreds of roses or any other pricy floral arrangements for a wedding. Succulents are great for almost any climate your wedding happens to be in. This planter would look great as a table centerpiece!

The supplies are:
-Pallet wood strip cut into 1-11″ length, and 2-6″ lengths
-Piece of foam 1/2″ thick cut to size of the 11″ wood strip
-Hot glue
-E6000 glue
–Foam Cones
-Foam Cutter
-Chalky Finish Paint in Yesteryear and Everlasting
-Paint brushes

First, you will need to get your piece of wood, and cut a base, and two equally sized pieces for the sides. Next, apply the smooth finish paint to the cones. This will give the styrofoam cones the texture of concrete. Now, use a piece of foam the same size as the base piece of wood. Now trace the three cones onto the foam and cut out those three circles with the foam cutter. Now, wrap this piece of foam with the three circles cut out in jute. Secure the jute with hot glue. Now it’s time to assemble everything! Place the base flat and glue the two side boards vertically with E6000. Then, glue in the foam covered in jute between the two side boards. Lastly, drop the faux concrete cones into the holes and place succulents of your choice in the top!

DIY Geometric Metallic Vase
The second project we are going to tell you how to make is a geometric metallic vase. This piece looks store bought! I am excited to share with you how to make this piece.

The supplies are:
-Any clear vase
-Metallic gold paper

This is one of the simplest DIY’s, and the end result is so beautiful! All you need to do is cut the paper to the height of the vase, wrap the paper around the vase, and tape it closed.

DIY Succulent Corsages
Corsages are such a special detail in a wedding. It’s a personal mini bouquet you can wear during the wedding. Not only are corsages beautiful, but they are also extremely easy to put together yourself, especially with succulents. Succulents are way less delicate than flowers. They don’t wilt or droop in heat. Let us tell you how to make them!

The supplies are:
-Floral wire
-Floral tape
-Scissors or wire cutters
-Hot glue gun
-Any other decorations you would like to add! Get creative!

Start by taking your succulents out of the soul and wash the dirt off of the roots. Gather them into a bunch however you choose to arrange them. Then you are going to wrap the stems in your floral wire. Then, cover floral wire in floral tape to cover up the metal and to secure the ends of the wire. Add any pretty accessories to the corsage such as ribbon, lace, buttons, or pearl pins.

DIY Oyster Shell Garland
This is by far our favorite wedding DIY! The oyster shells are so New Orleans, yet so chic. All you really need is oyster shells and some hardwear. This is a great piece for a wedding because you could use it in your home after for decor as a reminder of your special day!

The supplies are:
-A heavy duty drill
-A pack or two of drill bits
-Heavy fishing line
-Tray/bucket for water
-Wood block
-Plastic chain

First you will add water to your tray or bucket and place the wood block at the bottom. You will need to drill your oysters underwater to lessen the friction on the drill and the bits. One by one, drill a hole in the top of your oysters. After all of the holes are drilled, you can begin to assemble your oyster shell garland. Lay out your chain and cut to your desired length. Start tying the oysters to the chain. You will do this by feeding the fishing wire through the hole you drilled in the oyster and through a link of the chain then tying off the fishing wire. Keep adding oysters to the chain until the chain is covered and the fullness of the garland is to your liking. Then you have a gorgeous centerpiece for your tables! You also can add glue and dust on some gold leaf to add a pop to the garland!

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